Day 2 Dilemmas

So I had a dilemma right now about whether or not to write this blog – I just had a really good beer and have a pretty good buzz right now and I would like to keep that going by having another beer, but I know that it is important that I be consistent in writing, so I am going to write this before my next beer.

So Day 2 had me at court all day with 2 other social workers in my unit. One had to give testimony in a hearing to “default” a parent – basically saying that they have not participated at all since the Dept. has been involved and that they do not warrant further consideration because of their lack of involvement. Not very exciting testimony, but interesting to see. I did sit on some other hearings for other cases and it was interesting to see the various dynamics at play. I was amazed at how much power judges hold and sometimes they gave these long lectures that didn’t really seem to be even clinically appropriate. However, they get to order people do stuff and people can’t stop them because they are judges. Hmmmm.

The other interesting element had to do with the people who held various roles at court. There was a lot of time that we spent just hanging out waiting. There were social workers, court staff, Assistant Attorney Generals (AAG) (that technically represent the social worker and Dept.) and the defense attorney. There was quite a bit of time spent by the social workers and AAGs talking about the defense attorneys that they liked (rare) and did not like (more likely). I am not sure what I think about all of that, but I am sure that I will have more to say when I get more involved. There was an element of all of the cliques and stuff being like high school, which I am less thrilled about. There was the gossip and the cliques and segregated spaces and hierarchy and it was a little too much. Again, I will be interested in seeing how I fit in and feel about it when I am more involved.

So Monday I am going back to court for a hearing I am excited to see. And then, who knows? But now? Beer.


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