Why I Haven’t Posted…

…or cleaned my apartment or done my laundry or slept or gone grocery shopping or any of the basic things that one should be doing.  The answer is simple: I have been slammed at work.  Basically from the time I returned from Christmas vacation – the Monday after Christmas – I have been extremely busy, almost in daily crisis mode, where I am only able (and barely) to do the emergent things on my to-do list.

I had three kids who were with their parents who I had to remove from their parents (first time I have done that).  The mom relapsed on meth and the two youngest kids (14 mo. and 2.5) lost weight within a month of each other and they were already underweight.  Essentially, the family was in a downward spiral and I had to go to court to ask for the authority to remove the kids, which I got.  I then went to the parents’ home, with the cops, and pulled the kids, and placed them in foster care.  It was a jam-packed crazy day that probably went as well as it could have gone.  The dad was cooperative when I arrive to pick up the kids (he had already gone off on me previously) and we were able to place all three kids together!  We got really lucky and I think it made it so much easier on the kids.

Recently, I have been prepping for my first trial, which is a little anxiety provoking, as well as keeping all of my other cases on track, including new cases I have just been assigned.  I have been concerned that if things keep on going the way they have been, I am not only going to be able to do what I need to, but I am going to burn out and I will have no shot at having a personal life.  Here’s to hoping things slow down a bit.


2 Responses to Why I Haven’t Posted…

  1. Rhona says:

    Wow, this job sounds very satisfying and difficult at the same time. I am starting to study for SW in June and your post sends tremors of excitement and fear down my spine. Hope you get a break soon.

  2. cb says:

    Take care. Hope things ease off some time.

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