Coworkers: To Hang or Not to Hang

June 11, 2008

So I have been thinking and trying to figure out if coworkers are people that I want to be socializing with outside of work. Historically, I have done this minimally. I have always wanted to keep my professional and personal lives very separate and a quick way of doing this has been to not hang out with colleagues outside of work. I have believed that this has assisted me in trying to leave work at work and not be worrying about it all the time.

But, I have been wondering if this is the best course of action. Teacher friends of mine are very close with their colleagues. And this weekend I was visiting with a friend who lives out of town but is also a social worker for the state and I met her friend and colleague. Meeting her, it was like we had an instant connection because we both were social workers. We talked shop a little bit, but there was just a basic understanding with each other that (I assume) is based on the fact that we do the same thing professionally.

So am I missing out on important relationships and connections because of my strict boundaries? I am going to have to mull this over…