End of the Month

February 26, 2009

It is the end of the month, which often incites some “oh sh*t” moments – mostly, oh, sh*t I haven’t done a home visit with one of my kids. So I end up going out and seeing lots of my kids, which, is actually really nice. I have lots of little kids – babies and toddlers – so it is amazing to go out and see the amazing progress they are making.  And, I believe, that this has made me much happier about my job.  The distance between all my kids is awful – I have a kid 50 miles north of my office and another 50 miles south (and I am in an urban area) – but ultimately, it is great to get out of court and the office and just make funny faces with little kids.  I guess it is getting back to the basics and what this job is really about.  And it is nice to be reminded of that.