More thoughts on Academy

July 17, 2008

I have almost finished my second week of Academy, so I think can add more thoughts:

  • I think I have mentioned before that I was surprised by how few people had MSWs (especially compared to my office). And that is coming through in the classes. I feel that they are rather elementary and I am not learning much that is new, when it comes to theory and general social work.
  • I am a little surprised by the Dept.’s emphasis on strengths-based social work. While I have realize this is the general direction that general social work has taken, it is very interesting that it is being applied to a state child welfare agency. In a field that is focused on the problems that parents have, it is interesting to try to partner with them. I think it is a good move, but can be very difficult considering the time restraints and natural adversarial relationship that exists. For those interested, the theory we are being taught is based on the book, Solution Based Casework.
  • To be blunt, I am disappointed by some of the other people in Academy with me. Many are not as sharp as I would like them to be and a few I have no idea how they were hired after an interview. I guess I realize more now that there are some poor social workers out there and that is unfortunate – for me and for clients.