I am a social worker of the Millennial generation working for a state child welfare/protection agency. This is a place for me to post my thoughts and questions about my job, the system, the profession, and life in general. I have started this blog at the same time as I have started this job to track my thoughts and perceptions of the child welfare system.

Specifically, I am in a Child Welfare Services unit, or an “ongoing” unit. After kids are taken into legal protective custody by the state, the case is transferred to my unit. We assess the kids and make sure they are getting what they need, arrange for parents to do services and monitor their progress, and report to the court how everything is going. So I do very little investigation, placement, or licensing of foster parents. I just deal with angry parents, confused kids, and an often frustrating court process.

Training, education-wise: I have a MSW that I received after completing an advanced standing program, meaning that I also majored in social work as an undergrad. My undergrad field placement was at a different state’s child welfare agency. In graduate school, I was at a short-term transition home for latency aged children coming into foster care (summer) and at a clinical child protection unit at a hospital (year-long). I also have a master’s degree in a more theory-based program on resiliency and risk in youth (sorry, that description is vague on purpose!).  Finally, I also am an alum of AmeriCorps!

Please let me know what you think!


2 Responses to About

  1. Dr. G. says:

    How cool of you….you little social worker you:)

  2. samash04 says:

    I’m writing a rhetorical analysis about your blog. We are doing a project in my undergrad Advanced Rhetoric course about how blogging is affecting our future professions. Can you please tell me, so that I may refer to you correctly, if you are male or female? Your “About” section never specifies and I hate to assume and be insulting. (The paper will be posted on our class blog and can be emailed to you at your request.)

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