Recent Developments

July 29, 2008

So a few things have been going on to chat about:

  • I have been trying hard to figure out the policies for relative placements for kids.  They seem to be a bit of a gray area.  Specifically a relative caregiver wants to get a babysitter so she and her husband can have a date every once in awhile.  Great!  But the trouble is figuring out what the potential babysitters need to do.  Fingerprints?  Background check without fingerprints?  Nothing?  And I can’t seem to get a clear answer and nor can my supervisor.  She has been doing this for 30+ years (and is good at all of it) and she isn’t sure and people she asks aren’t sure.  Frustrating for me and probably more frustrating for the relative.  Makes me think or wonder if they should (or already have) just have somebody they trust babysit.
  • I took off a bit early today.  I had family in town and decided that I have put in some comp time and it is important for me to spend time with family.  So I left.  (I am sure many readers of this blog are probably pleased with this…)
  • And tomorrow is a big meeting with Blue.  She has had some of her visits canceled because she has had too many no shows.  So we have brought in the hired gun – our supervisor – and I think she is going to get a strong talking to.  This should be interesting because both me and the other worker have not been very confrontational with her thus far.  I am curious to see how she reacts.  I am not expecting to say anything during the meeting – just be a witness and student of the process – and I think I like it that way.